We have had an amazing first month of school with the new library up and running and the Black-Eyed Susan reading program taking off.  All language arts teachers have a chance to bring in their classes to hear about the exciting reading incentives and programs we have here at MacArthur.

Already we have had over 200 Black-Eyed Susan summaries submitted.  Thirty from the 8th grade, 149 from the 7th grade and 27 from the 6th grade.  Go 7th graders.  You’re doing an amazing job.  We have eight students who have read at least 5 books and 3 students that have read 10 books.  At this rate, I might have to plan on a bigger limousine.

Here is a list of all the incentives:

  1. Five books by  April 3rd:
    Ice Cream party.
    Raffles: 4 Kindle Fires, Limousine Ride to Skating Rink
    Vote for best B.E.S. book.
  2. Ten books by Dec. 11:
    Popcorn and Lemonade Party
    Chance to win one of two Christmas Baskets (boys/girls)
    Raffle for the Science Center Limousine Ride
    Dress Down Day
  3. Twenty-Five books by February 12th:
    Limousine Field Trip to the Science Center in Baltimore
    Dress Down Day.
  4. Forty  Books by April 3rd:
    Guaranteed Limousine Ride to Skating Rink
    Pizza Lunch
    “I Read Them All” poster


Look at all those scoops.  Each one represents a book read and summarized by a MacArthur Middle School student.  There are over 200 scoops already.  Way to go BIG MAC.




Mr. Miller (gfmiller@aacps.org)
Ms. Sanzone (ksanzone@aacps.org)